The Person behind the exhibition

Porto, September 2018

Laro Vilas Boas, or better known as Laro Lagosta, born in 1987 in Ponte de Lima – a scenic little town in Northern Portugal – moved to Porto to study Graphic Design at ESAD Matosinhos.
Laro always had a passion for drawing, therefore he started taking it seriously around the age of 18 through the creation of posters for music events, illustrations for bands and various other pieces for exhibitions. The one constant throughout his personal and professional life was his passion for street-wear and sneakers. As years passed, he also found friends with the same interests in the area. Eventually he realised that work and passion had more in common than he would have thought. Hence, he started to mix them more and more, finally obtaining an exhibition that depicts one’s first sneaker love.
Photos/Video by: Hugo Adelino / Expanding Roots

A sneaker love story

I asked 7 people, whom I consider important to this community, to tell me all about their first sneaker love.
’ From journalists to radio personalities, photographers and illustrators, Laro spared no one from sharing how they fell in love with their first pair of sneakers. He chose these people because, in his own words, he believes they ‘bring the sneaker community forward by sharing news, writing reviews, creating illustrations and photographing sneakers around the world.’ Concequently, he gathered testimonials from folks all over Europe, including countries such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, UK or Italy and combined them all into one big exhibition.


The 7 people who will be presented in the exhibition are the following:


My first sneaker love: a pair of Nike Dunk Low in black, white and red!’. Laro remembers wearing them with checkered laces on the left foot and plain white ones on the right. He wore the sneakers every day for 2 years, till they were too ripped to use. He got them in 2006, when he was 18 years old. Those sneakers were like best friends, being with him through several important moments in life.

He confesses: ‘
I met Ju –  my love – with these sneakers, I went to college, attended parties with friends and many others. They were a part of me while growing out of my teens and into young adulthood, all whilst becoming more and more in love with sneakers.
Above all, this exhibition aims to be a reminder of his first sneakers love and of all memories he has of that time. For what is more, it also celebrates other people’s first love for sneakers and puts the community in the spotlight. Opening September 15th, Laro’s ‘First love solo show will be up and running at the gallery till October 12th. See you there!