Porto, August 2018

Vour, a 23 years old, Latvian-born fine arts guy, has had a passion for drawing ever since he was a child. He confessed that the road to painting and illustration started when his parents signed him up for an arts after-school program, at the age of 8.

He got truly addicted after friends introduced him to the practice, back in high-school. They started off by painting old abandoned building and doing street art around Riga. Now, he’s attending the Art Academy of Latvia. At the same time, he’s freelancing and doing exhibitions both in Latvia and abroad. He puts his background in fine arts to good use and utilises different mediums as an expression method for his ironic drawings.

The Hiphothesis

Because this is his 3rd solo exhibition, he chose to go with what defines his personality: sneakers and the hip hop culture. There were three main ideas behind the show; however, the hip hop-inspired theme was the winner.

For the last 3 years Vour has been constantly writing down quotes and catchy phrases heard in this musical genre.  Thus, the technique behind his art is simple: the quote comes first, then he does the illustration.

From doing graffiti on the walls of our backyard, to painting on wood and illustrations on paper, this exhibition has it all. He uses all the quotes and phrases to give a more personal edge to his art.

If you’re already curious, we’re waiting for YOU! Vour’s exhibition opens on August 31th, at 16h00, at Circus Network. You will be able to visit it until September 9th, here at the gallery.